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How Does The Google Ads Promotion Voucher Work?

Okay, so in this video I want to talk about promotional vouchers that are provided by Google, and the reality is there’s been a lot of confusion amongst advertisers, especially those who are new to Google Ads advertising. They’ve heard about promotional voucher and they […]

What Is Audience Manager In Google Ads?

So in this video I want to talk about Asset Audience Manager a feature that is important, especially if you’re running certain campaign types and you’re promoting your business and targeting people and so forth. So Audience Manager is a feature that has become very […]

What Is The Asset Library In Google Ads?

Hi there my name is Mike and in this video I just want to share with you the asset library feature in Google Ads. If you’re running campaigns, especially display campaigns, you may actually want to know what this feature does, how you can use […]

How To Improve PPC Conversions

So in this video I just want to talk about improving conversion rates. As you manage your campaigns, you’re gonna have to really focus on improving those rates to obviously improve the overall performance of your campaigns and to make them profitable. So whether you’re […]