Hey, guys. Thanks for joining me. My name is Mike, and in this video, I’ll be talking about quality scores. Quality scores are a metric that you find in Google Ads, and they’ve been around for a long time. They’re a diagnostic tool that show you how your ads are performing so you can see how relevant your ads are, how your landing pages are optimized, and what expected click-through rate that you can get. So this is what quality score is about, and it’s a metric that has been there, and a lot of people have followed it. Over the years, I’ve seen the interesting quality scores sort of taper off, and there was a time when everybody was talking quality scores, and focusing on improving that, and that was great, and so on, but what I find now is a lot of advertisers are ignoring quality scores.

They’re not really focusing on them that much, and to me, I think quality scores are important, but as I’ve said many times before, they are not as important as your sales, as your leads, and you don’t want to focus too much on them, to the extent that it ignores other really key areas, because your campaigns should be profitable, and that’s far much more important than just focusing on getting 10 out of 10. I see campaigns that do well, even with keywords, with 3 out of 10 quality scores, 5 out of 10, but definitely improving them has many benefits. It just improves everything about your campaigns, and it’s something you should look at.

So in the grand scheme of things, quality scores are not really as important as they were before, and Google has kind of pushed them down in the scale of things that are important. Even the articles that they bring out, they talk about, yes, quality scores are important, but always focus on that profitability, getting the leads that you need, the sales that you want, and just go in and check that the quality scores are okay. I mean, it’s a more long-term thing to work on, quality scores, to improve them, but they’re not really as important as they were before.

As I mentioned, there was a time people obsessed over them. I would get clients who were pulling out their hairs just talking about how they had such low quality scores, and they thought that was the reason that their campaigns were not working as well, and with time, people now know it’s not really just quality scores on their own. They are an important part, but there are a lot more important things; things like targeting the right people, the right searches, and so forth, and with time, you will see those scores improve. So that’s what it’s all about with quality scores. It’s a diagnostic tool, it gives you warnings, and alerts you to things that need to improve, but they’re not as important as they were before, and that’s what’s happening now with quality scores.

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