How Often Should I Check My PPC Campaigns?

Hi there. Thank you for watching this video. My name is Mike and today I’m just gonna be talking about uh, PPC campaigns in Google Ads. So the question is, how often should you be checking your PPC campaigns? Now if you’re running campaigns, you […]

Which Campaign Type Should You Start With?

Okay, so in this video I just want to talk about which campaign type you should start with in Google Ads. Now Google Ads is a large platform with different campaign types. If you look in my account, I’ve got search, I’ve got display, I’ve […]

How To Advertise On YouTube

So a lot of people want to advertise on YouTube and I get a lot of questions regarding promoting, you know, videos or YouTube promoting businesses, promoting channels, and, various things like that. And YouTube is really a great place to advertise. I mean, it’s apparently the […]