Hey guys. Thanks for joining me. In this video, I’m going to be talking about responsive search ads. And the question is, has Google got it right with responsive search ads? Now, responsive search ads are relatively new. Before that we had expanded text ads, and those were sort of phased out in 2022. And before that, we had standard text ads. This is in search campaigns. Now, we’ve got responsive search ads, and what makes them different is that they provide you with a lot more text space than the previous ones, standard and expanded. So you’ve got like 15 headlines and four descriptions. That’s a lot of space compared to previous, obviously, to say what you need to say, to put your headlines and your descriptions, and so forth. So the question is, has Google gotten it right with these ones? Personally, I believe they have, because it saves you from creating up to five ads per ad group.

So that means the system can have one really well set up responsive search ads, and then it rotates them at auction time, and create ads that are relevant based on the context. So that saves you a lot of time and it means you get a lot of options for the system to really write and create the right ads for you at auction times. So that’s one key benefit. And the other thing is, it’s very unlikely that you would have more than 15 benefits to add in your headlines. Three to four tends to be the norm, even up to 10, and you can include them in there, even include your keywords in there. So it really provides you with a lot of space, and the results really are good. I was doing a lot of testing of expanded text ads and responsive search ads when we could still do the expanded text ads, and consistently, responsive search ads were outperforming.

And I believe that’s what Google was finding as well. So, right at that moment at auction time, it really creates those ads that bring the best result, the best click through rates, and the best conversions. And I was seeing that consistently with click through rates, one of those key metrics, obviously now we can’t test it because expanded text ads have been phased out, you can still continue running any existing expanded text ads, but you can’t edit them. You can’t create new ones, and so forth. Even the standard text ads. If you have them, I don’t know why people still want to run those and still run them.

They can still run. But responsive search ads are really great. They give you a lot more tech space to say as much as you need to, and anything else you can add in your call outs and your cycling. So I think Google has got this one right. We’re still yet to see where they’re going to go with this, and that’s okay. It’s even okay to have two responsive search ads in an ad group. And you can then run those and see which ones are performing better, and so forth. Especially if you’ve got a lot to say in your ads, and so forth.

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