Okay, so in this video I want to talk about promotional vouchers that are provided by Google, and the reality is there’s been a lot of confusion amongst advertisers, especially those who are new to Google Ads advertising. They’ve heard about promotional voucher and they hope that they can be able to use one put in the account and then they get credit and then they can start advertising and get some free traffic and see if it works for them. Great idea and so forth, but it doesn’t really work like that. Now I’m going to show you two ways how promotional credits or vouchers are added. Now I’m in my Google Ads account and if I go to tools and settings under billing, I can see promotions and if I click on that, I get this window that shows me the promotional vouchers that I I’ve had and any that I’ve applied, and I can add some more if I get them.

As you can see, this one was added during the covid period, 220 pounds, 17 June, 2020 which was a relief from Google for many advertisers. Now, if I had another one, I could add it and just put it there and then submit. And once it’s subs accepted that goes into the account and then is triggered and so forth. So that’s great. However, credit are only mostly for new advertisers, so it’s very rare that you would get a promotional voucher if you’ve been advertising for a while and then just get one to add and get created from it. The Covid was a unique period, so everybody got 220 pounds, and as you can see, that’s the last time this account has been running for years. Hasn’t qualified for any other credits except the Covid one. So the vouchers, promotional codes are for new advertisers and sometimes you will get one, maybe an email from Google or you’ll see an ad and they’ll just tell you, get this voucher and set up an account and style advertiser. So it’s great. Now, if you are an agency, a Google partner or a premier partner, you can also apply credit to client accounts, apply vouchers and promotions to client accounts. So I’ll show you how that works. I’m a Google partner, so if I go to my master account, I can see I’ve got many accounts underneath my master account. So you can see I’ve got many that have been there for years. Now what I can do is I can go to my partner’s

Program and in there I can see my partner’s status right there. I can also see my promotional offers. And then as you can see, says promotional offers are available to Premier partners and partners. When promotional offers are on, they’ll be automatically applied to eligible new accounts that have started spending. So if I click that, I can see the accounts that have had the credit. Now it’s important to know that we as Google partners don’t add credit ourselves. They’re added automatically when certain things have triggered and maybe within a certain period you are only going to be eligible for one. If the account is new, usually under 15 days Google has changed probably. But yeah, the account has to be new, something like that. And as you can see, promotional offers. When promotional offers are on, they’ll be automatically applied to eligible new accounts. It may take up to 35 days for offers to be applied, so they don’t just happen instantly.

And how much are you likely to get? Now you can see some of these accounts have had 400 pounds, 400 pounds and so forth. So they get 400 pounds credit for spending but before they get that credit, they need to be able to spend up to that 400 pounds. Then it’s applied to them. So you don’t get it instantly as you put a credit, then you start a advertising, you need to start advertising, spend some money up to 400. Then it’s triggered. And in here, I mean, as a partner, I can see promotional offers applied in the last 90 days and I guess you can see it by country and so forth down here. The US I believe is about 500 US dollars, UK 400 pounds and so forth, and different amounts for different countries. Not available for all countries, but for many countries out there. So that’s how promotional offers work. They’re great. Sometimes, I mean, as a client, sometimes clients send their promotional offers to me that have, they’ve received from Google, and I can add them for them, that’s fine as well. But generally not really necessary. As long as the account is new, it will be applied automatically and then they’ll get that. So that’s how promotional offers work. If you’ve got any questions about this, reach out to me and I hope I’ll be able to help.

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