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Hi, thanks for joining me. My name is Mike, and in this video, I’m going to be talking about another important topic and that’s how many text ads should you have in an ad group? Things have changed in Google ads. You know, Google has rolled out responsive search ads. They phased out expanded text ads. And before that we had standard text ads. So, things have changed a lot. If you look at a lot of the training material in Google ads, they still refer to expanded text ads. They haven’t updated it, especially in Skillshop. So, what you’ll find in there is they will say to you, you need to have between three to five text ads in an ad group. That was great advice. And it worked well. I did it with expanded text ads and so on. But things have changed, you know, responsive search ads have come in.

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And responsive search ad, as you probably know, have 15 headlines and four descriptions. That’s a lot more than expanded text ads, which had like only three headlines and two description lines. So, you get a lot more space with the new format, responsive search ads. Now, obviously before, the advice was to have between three to five text ads in each ad group. And that was to deal with expanded text ads. I wouldn’t say that would be necessary if you are running responsive search ads. Having three responsive search ads is a lot, five is really a lot and would be probably too much because 15 headlines, I mean, most businesses, services, products would put all the features and benefits in even one text ad and highlight some of the key things. I think if you’ve got more than 15 benefits, that’s probably too much.

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So for me, I would say one well written responsive search ad is good in an ad group and that will really help the system to create good ad combinations at auction time for the keywords that you’ve chosen. Two is good as well too. You know, it helps you to test out different things, but you know, most advertisers are not using all the 15 headlines. And that’s a fact that I see consistently, that they’re not using all that space, but before when we had expanded text ads, it was easy to use up all those headlines and descriptions. But now 15 is a lot and one well written, responsive search ad is really great. And you can even look at the ad strength, if it’s excellent, that will really do well.

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And you can see how they’re performing each of those headlines and descriptions when you go into your assets report. So, I would say one Ad is good enough. Two would be good as well. You can try that. So that’s my advice go with one good responsive search ads also. I mean, as you probably know, expanded text ads have been phased out, so you can’t create those anymore. So, we now are fully with responsive search ads. And one is definitely a good number to start with. And maybe two, if you want to.

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