So a lot of people want to advertise on YouTube and I get a lot of questions regarding promoting, you know, videos or YouTube promoting businesses, promoting channels, and, various things like that. And YouTube is really a great place to advertise. I mean, it’s apparently the second largest search engine out there after Google, and it’s actually owned by Google. So YouTube is a place that many advertisers want to get on, and you should definitely consider whether you are a business or whatever type of organization you are an artist and so forth. YouTube is highly effective at really reaching audiences and it gives you all the tools that you need to do that. So the question is, how do you advertise on Google? And the way you get your advertise on Google is you need to set up  Google Ads account. So if you search on Google for Google Ads account, you be able to create one and then also create a video campaign  to advertise on YouTube.

And  it’s no hard to actually set up a campaign. There’s  the features in there and it would just take you through the stages, whatever you wanna promote, and you set up your campaign. And then you can advertise on specific videos on YouTube. You can advertise on channels in different locations, and you can test different ways to do that. So if you wanna advertise on YouTube, set up a Google Ads account, and then follow the steps there, you can reach out to me, as well in the comments below if you got any more questions about setting up YouTube campaign to promote, your business or anything else that you wanna promote. And I’ll be happy to answer those and take you through the stages.

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