Okay, so in this video I just wanna show you, how to check your asset performance for your search campaigns, your search ads. It’s important to see this because it tells you how your headlines, your descriptions are performing. And if there isn’t much data, maybe sometimes you need to give you more time to run. So we go to, I’m at the all campaigns level sort of overview, and then I click search campaigns. And then to see those assets, I go to ads and extensions, and then I click assets. And then this gives me, I would say, a full list of the different assets that I have and how they are performing. So these, for example, now this one is a description you can see by the length, and you can also see the ad type description. And then that’s the headline description.

So I can see here all the assets that I have for my search campaigns. Now take a look at this. This is the performance, you know, rating. This tells me how each of them have been performing this one you notice is not rated because it hasn’t had sufficient. I think it still needs time to run and see, and the system will then see how it’s actually performing. But we’ve got this one I’ll create effective ads as differentiate your business  and so forth.  64% unrated, but 35% good rating when it has come up. And, it says not pinned, which means it’s not positioned to be in a fixed,  sort of positioning  in the ads. So this tells me, now you notice some of them are not rated yet and with time as they get more traffic, they are going to be rated and then we’ve got one here that’s still learning and it’s got so far good, 14.96%, so good to see. I don’t have any low rating ones, but it’s always best to try and get them to good performance rating. And as you run them over time, you’ll see how they’re performing for you. So this is the asset report and one that you should look into to see how your ads and your assets are performing.

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