It’s great to be able to carry out research into competitors as you are doing your SEO and wanting to rank highly for some of the keyword phrases that you find. In fact, you know, really can’t do a CEO without taking into consideration who is ranking for the particular keywords that you want to rank for the keyword phrases. So you really need to be able to see what they’re up to and what they’re doing. Now, there’s many ways to do competitive research into your competitors and see where they’re coming for the specific keywords. In fact, there’s many things you need to do. But what I’m gonna show you here is just I’ve gone through this with the PPC research when you’re running Google Ads campaigns. Now I wanna show you from SEO perspective some of the things to look at as you wanna do your SEO and drive organic traffic.

And the thing about this is it will just give you a lot of insight into woo’s ranking way. Sometimes our research is usually just doing a search on Google for keywords. That’s, that’s not in effective way. It doesn’t really show you based on what the whole industry is seeing. It’s just showing you based on what you’re looking at. And sometimes if you’re logged in and stuff, you don’t really see the results and it sometimes knows that you own your own domain name and stuff. So it won’t come up. But with this tool in, this is a tool that I use and I can do SE or analysis for any site, I want any domain, and I can choose any location I want. So many countries. There are many countries, even continents if you want it, you know, wouldn’t get this insight from just doing a search on Google.

So let’s pick one website, Google search right there and there we go. It gives us UK first because that’s the one we picked when we searched. But it also gives you USA where you are with your organic, organic, organic, Germany, France, and so forth Italy. But we’ll just look at the UK and the number of keywords that they have and stuff. So a quicker way to go about it. I mean you can see some of the metrics right here and that’s good for the organic traffic. It shows you this is 138 increased by 24 for some of those keywords and stuff. Clicks per month for some of those main keywords and stuff.

Then it tells you 6,100 keywords and domain trust. Now this one is an se metric. Some of us, some people are familiar with domain authority. That one is tied to Mars and we tend to focus on that on a lot. But SE ranking has got its own domain trust. And this is basically a calculation based on as it shows it based on multiple factors, including the number and quality of a websites domain, back links and so forth. So generally the higher the better cuz it shows a website is it’s a high authority website, which is a good ranking factor. So something really to consider. Now probably best if we wanna drill in, go to organic traffic research, there’s paid traffic, but we wanna focus on organic. And there we go. We’ve got 6,062 keywords that have been discovered.

Ignore that total cost, not very relevant and not very accurate, but it also tells us the number of links pointing to the site to the domaining. So quite a lot, but depends on what you have as a competitor, how does it match to theirs and what’s the quality of the back links. So for example, if we were to click on that, we can see the back links that they’re getting. Yeah, so there we go. Maybe doesn’t really like that. Actually the back links would likely best be found here in the back links checker. Yeah, this one is just really gonna show us the keywords mainly to be honest. So we would really need to go into the back link checker to actually check the links, but this is just a summary of how many they have. So yeah, they do change this quite a bit. So these are the actual keywords that they’re ranking for and it shows you the difficulty level and the average position and the URL and the traffic. So average position where they’re ranking at the moment on Google. Yeah, so that tells you are those keywords you wanna rank for and who’s coming up. You can look at this competitor and everybody else who is coming up somewhere at the top and just keep doing this research. And then it tells you search volume, is the volume decent enough for you to go after?

That’s a factor because if it’s too low, you’re not gonna get a lot of traffic, so you probably need to stay away from it. This one is competition. One is very competitive and would be really harder to rank for than others. And anything below that will be less competitive and stuff. But generally you don’t wanna rank for just the one word keyword like that because that’s usually a lot harder. So you want two or more, and long tail is great. Three, four more words and stuff is really important. So this really shows you that. And I also like competitors, so who are the competitors to the site that they’re coming up against. And you can also see we’ve searched Formans and their domain trust is 54, but the next one is 87. And you can see, yeah, they’re more competitive in terms of the keyword total and total traffic really high.

But some of these are not always accurate, so you just take it with a pinch of salt and just be aware that you probably need to keep searching and use other tools as well. But this one is good, it gives you a good idea of the level of competition and so forth. And based on this, you can then decide do I want to go for some of these keywords that I’ve identified and so forth. Yeah, so it’s really gonna give you those insights. And if you wanted, you could also check all the various countries. As I mentioned, that one was the UK we’re looking at, but this is the USA and yeah, so we can see for country and so forth. And then it shifted there. So this is one way to do your SEO competitive research, just to see where your competitors are coming up.

And as I mentioned, you can put your competitors in there, not just your own domain name. Put yours and if you want, you can add it to a project to be able to track it and monitor it over time and see how it’s comparing to yours. This tool is not free, but it’s got a trial version. And yeah, test it out and see if it’s worth it for you. There are other tools in the industry. I think Sam Rush, SpyFu and some others, some have come and gone. So just try that out and see how it works for you.

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