Hi there, thanks for joining me. In this video, I’m going to be talking about improving quality scores.

Now, there are three factors to your quality scores. That’s, ad relevance, expected click-through rate, and landing page experience. So if you want to improve your quality scores and get good quality scores, like 10 out of 10, 9 out of 10, 8 out of 10, you need to work on those three factors. So, expected click-through rate, for example, what can you do to improve that? Make sure your ads are relevant to what people are searching for. Whatever keywords you have, make sure you’re using the right match types. Make sure you’re targeting the right people. That’s going to give you a good expected click-through rate. And if you’re actual click-through rate is good, you will start to see that expected click-through rate improve, and it will get to above average.

Ad relevance. Similar to that, making sure you’ve got, on responsive search ads for example, try and put in as many headlines, up to 15 headlines of good features and benefits, and allow the system to rotate those ads and show the most relevant one based on the context, the search terms and so forth. So if you add really relevant headlines and descriptions, and people are clicking through and they’re liking what they see, it’s going to improve your ad relevance and get it to above average.

And landing page experience. Make sure your landing pages are quick, they load in under three seconds. I know many of us struggle with that, but just something you always need to work on and improving. Mobile speed, especially on mobile devices, but on all devices as well, improve your landing page load speed and that will make a difference. People won’t just click and go back and leave the site when they click your ad, they’re going to be more interested in seeing whatever else you have to offer.

What else? Bounce rate, make sure you work on reducing your bounce rate below 50%. Get people engaged, create good content, make sure it’s above the fold. As people land on your site, make sure they can see all the important features and benefits and calls to action that are important for your business. So, landing page experience is great. There is no point in just getting good traffic that just lands on the page and then just leaves because they just get there and they just puke because it’s just not what they’re looking for. So make sure that the landing page is great. And if you can get it to above average relevance, you’re going to hit those 10 out of 10 quality scores.

And what does that do for you? Quality scores, it’s not the only metric, but good quality scores are a good indication. It’s going to help you with your click volume and it’s going to help you with your conversions. Quality score is like a diagnostic tool. It’s like the dashboard in your car. You just monitor it once in a while, just make sure you’re going in the right direction, that there are no issues in your account, your campaign. And it’s possible to have good quality scores and maybe not great conversions. But what I find consistently is that sites and accounts and campaigns that have got good keyword quality scores generally do well for everything else because everything looks relevant.

So yeah, that’s how you improve your quality score. You add relevance, expected click-through rate and landing page experience. Work on those three and you’ll see amazing quality scores.

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