Now as a keyword metric quality score, which we looked at in the previous video, is a metric that you can see in your reports, as we can see down here. Now, there are some factors that determine quality scores and you can add them in your reports, which I’ve added here. And if you go to columns for example, and click modify columns and you go to quality score, you can add different things that relate to quality score metrics. So now I’m just gonna talk about those factors that determine quality scores, these three main factors, expected clickthrough rate, add, relevance, and landing page experience. Now, as you can see when I move my mouse over that it show gives you sort of description of what that is. So what are these three factors? Well, expected clickthrough rate is the expected click that you’re gonna get from impressions.

So if the expected clickthrough rate, this is not the actual clickthrough rate, but the expected one based on the ads and the keywords and searches is quite low, then the expected click rate is gonna be low. So it’s gonna be below average or average. It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the ads or keywords or anything. No, it just means what’s expected. And sometimes your ads can be well written and very well optimized, but you tend to find that there’s a lot of competition and your ads are maybe ranking lower and so forth. So that’s not something to worry too much about, but trying to get to the top is an important thing to consider, especially when you talk of clickthrough rates and your actual clickthrough rate. Now, landing page experiences, what people, it’s an estimate as well, what people are likely doing on your website.

Are they coming there bouncing? Are they engaged? Are they looking at other pages? Are they converting? And so forth. So you want to improve that and optimize your site to make sure that’s really well. And then add relevance. How relevant are ads? If you notice here, they’re all above average. So do you have your keywords in the ads? Are the ads, do they have good calls to action, good benefits? All these things contribute to add relevance and you need to improve it. So your quality score factors can either have them below average, average, or above average. So if there’s any issues with those, you need to fix them. So for example, if you look, that’s quite a good quality score, which is seven out of 10. And it’s because expected CT is averaged landing paid experience, average add relevance above

Average. So three out of 10 because below average, below average, above average. So if you want to improve these quality scores, you need to work on these factors to increase them. So try and get them to 10 out of 10 and so forth. That really makes a difference. But your position in the results doesn’t really determine your quality scores. The system normalize it for your position. It knows that if you’re in position seven, you will have a lower click rate than someone who’s in position one or two and so forth. So those are the factors that you need to work on. If there’s any issues with your quality score and you’re looking to improve them.

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