Okay, so now that we are using the new Google Analytics for we need to be able to link it with different platforms. And in this video I’m gonna be talking about linking it to Google Ads. If you’re running Google Ads campaigns or planning to run ad campaigns, it’s a good idea to link it to GA four, Google Analytics four, and be able to see your data in Google Analytics, track visitors, whatever other actions you need to do, set up events and so forth. And also be able to import things like conversions and audiences back into Google Ads. So in this video, I’m just gonna quickly show you how to link your Google Ads and Google Analytics account. You would need to be you to do this in GA four and Google Analytics for, so I’m right here in my account and I’m in this particular properties, but you can link it to any other GA four property you want.

You notice I haven’t really talked about Universal Analytics because this one is coming to an end in July, so it won’t be collecting data anymore. So really now you should be thinking Google Analytics four. So how do we do that Quickly? We come down to product links and Google Ads. Links is right there. And then when we land on these pages, you can see there’s no account that’s linked at the moment as it says, no links yet. So to link an account, we click link and then we click choose Google Ads account. And then it’s gonna search and look takes a while sometimes, but if you know the name of the account, even the number, you can go there the account ID number. But in this case, I’ve found my account selected, you can link a maximum of 20 accounts to one property. So in this case I had zero.

So if I link this one, I’ve got another I’ve got can link another 19 and that’s the max. And then just click confirm, click next. Enable personalized advertising. Yeah, that’s cool. Enable auto tagging. Yeah, we want that recommended for this account because we want need to track effectively. Click next and everything checks out. And if we’re happy, we just click submit. And there you go. And as you can see what’s next, it tells you it may take up to 24 hours for your Google Ads link to begin displaying data. That’s cool. And you can import conversions

Into Google Ads from here and they will be available in your Google Ads account. And you can create a remarketing audience in analytics. You can get started now and that will be available in Google Ads for you to target or retarget and so forth. And I’m gonna cover this in another video where we are linking audiences and also setting up things like remarketing and retargeting to target people. So once we’re done with that, we can just close it. And then we have a date linked 24 November linked by. Everything is enabled. That’s great. So we can go back and in the set up assistant, we need to just confirm that it’s done. Yeah, you can manage your Google Ads links if you want there. And it just takes us back to where we were. But let’s go back to the setup assistant, and if we are done, we can just mark as complete and it shows that it’s linked, but you can still link more accounts if you wanted. You can go to manage Google Ads, links and manage, add more Google Ads accounts in there. So that’s how you link and you’ll be able to share data between the two set up audiences, set up campaigns, and go from there.

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