So now we come to an important part of advertising in your Google ads account and setting up your campaign. And in this section, we now come to ad groups. Your ad groups is where you’re going to add your keywords and ads. And this is a very important part because you need to carry out some research. You also need to write really good ads and all the ad groups you create should really be tightly themed. So normally you would have, between five and 15 ad groups in a campaign, that’s generally the ideal. Anything less than that is maybe you’ve grouped. For example, you’ve got two ad groups or one ad group. It’s very likely that you’ve put all your keywords in there and that’s not good. So you want to have between five to 15 ad groups and each ad group should be really tightly thin.

You should be the ad. And the keywords in there should be really close, closely related to one another. So that’s an important part of setting up your ad groups in your campaign now more than 15 ad groups, maybe that’s a bit too much. You can take it up to 20, but try and keep it between five and 15. So the first thing you need to do obviously is to name your ad group here. We’re gonna be setting up our first ad group and start by naming that group. Just give it a name. That’s memorable, something that will allow people to easily remember it because for example, if you set up the campaign and somebody else has to manage it later, or you bring in a freelance or an agency, or you hand over the account or the campaign to someone else, it’s always good to have the name related to, whatever it is and make it really something memorable, something identifiable, especially when you now have like fi five to 15 ad groups.

You need to be able to just by looking at the name without actually going to know exactly what it’s about. So give it a name. So here, we’re going to be setting up our first ad group. And then in there we’re gonna add our keywords and our ads. And you know, whether you are promoting a product or a service, just give it a name that will make you identified easily and help others who are going to manage the account. In the next stage, we are going to go into the actual, keyword setup and ad construction so that we have our headlines and so forth, which is what people see as they search on Google.

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