Now we look at a very interesting area in Google Ads campaigns, and this is dynamic search ads. And with dynamic search ads, basically the idea is that the Google Ads system targets searches based on its understanding of the content on your website and maybe categories as well, even your URL’s. And so it scans that and then sees whether it’s relevant or not. Now, the thing to understand about Dynamic search ads is that they generally relate to searches that your ads are gonna target, that your keyword based ad groups are not targeting. So basically in Google Ads, you’ve got two primary campaign types. You’ve got the keyword based ones where you put your keywords in there and you bid, and then you get searches. And then you’ve got your dynamic search ads where the system scans your site and it actually creates a headline for you, the description you are going to provide and the final URL.

But what it does is it will scan your site, create a headline based on the content, and then target searches that people are searching with on Google that you wouldn’t have been targeting in your normal keyword based ad groups. And the beauty of that is that, it’s often hard to think of all the different keywords and search terms when you’re doing your keyword research. Something we’re gonna come to later. So what this does, the system scans and it’s a lot quicker than you and I. It scans your site and then find some of those search nuggets that it can target and show your ads to people and, hopefully they’ll click and come through. So one of the things you need to do, obviously, is provide your domain name and something like that. Put mine there and then it’s gonna scan it.

And they are options here to target based on the source. So it’ll say, in this case it’s saying use Google’s index of my website because, I don’t have a feed here and so forth. So this will obviously scan it and then later you can, create dynamic search ad groups and maybe create one and, and then run it that way. If you want and this is what I advise is don’t do this yet. First create your normal ad groups, your standard ad groups with your keywords. Do your keyword research, find those keywords, and then add them and then run it for some time. What you’re gonna find is later, there’s a recommendation section in Google Ads. It’s gonna, in, in most cases it will show you if it’s relevant, that you can now create a dynamic search ad and it will give you suggestions of likely searches you’re gonna come up for. You can either add it if you want or you can reject it. So recommendations is it’s a good feature because it’s tied to the whole optimization score of your campaigns and your account will come to that later when we are looking at management and, and so forth in other courses. But here we are looking at obviously just setting up and getting your campaign to that point where you need to just launch it and,  bringing those, sales and leads and traffic and so on. So this one, I highly recommend you set it, say your domain name and just let it scan based on that. And you know, you can do it now. That’s fine. You can do it later, which I generally recommend when you’ve run your keyword based ad groups. And then just see how it performs for you.

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