Hi there. Thanks for watching this video. And today I want to talk about Google display advertising. So many of us who run Google Ads are familiar with  search campaigns and targeting people who are searching, but there’s also an option to target people who sort of fit the profiles or the audience type that you want to reach. And you can do that in Google Ads with the display campaign. So in your Google Ads account, you can, target people on display and create sort of image ads and banner ads, and these come up on sites which are part of the Google Display Network. So the question , is it, is Google display advertising right for your business? And the honest truth is, it obviously depends what business, you are in your industry and so forth. So that should determine, you know, whether Google display advertising is right for you.

The important thing to know is with display, you are not targeting people who are searching, so you’re just targeting, people who are just browsing other websites. And apparently the Google display network has got over three, 3 million apps and websites in that network. So it’s, the largest online network, you know, advertising network and  it reaches over 90% of internet users. So it’s a good place to reach your audiences, but you know, it  got some challenges. Firstly, you’re not targeting people or searching, and also,  you need to really work on the controls and the audience types that you want to reach. And that can be difficult sometimes, and you have to do a lot of testing. So give you maybe some examples. If you are an eCommerce business, for example, you can create banner ads and so on.

But if you’ve got hundreds of thousands of products, that’s a challenge. How many are you actually gonna create now? Um, generally in that case, search or shopping campaigns tend to be better. Now if you are local sort of service business as well, that’s also a challenge because you don’t really know precisely how to set those controls, demographics, even things like topics and so on. It’s better than eCommerce and you could get some of it right? But you also have to do a lot of testing and seeing what’s going on. However, there’s also industries which are relatively new and not a lot of people searching, and one of those I tend to come up across is things like internet of things, sort of industries, businesses in that sector. And it’s good to set up campaigns and target, your audiences on specific sites that they visit. So that’s one example and there’s a few others. If they, you are in an industry where a lot of people are not searching, it will be good to raise awareness and display advertising is one way of doing it. Video is another one through YouTube. You can target people that way and it really works well and  is good in that sense. So display is great, you know, and you can test it, but you have to do a lot of testing and changing and so forth. Which, which is not something you would do as much with search because with search, if you get the right keywords, yes you will do some testing, but it’s really about getting the right keywords and targeting people who are actively searching. So thank you for listening and check out my other videos and subscribe and  I look forward to you watching the next video so you can continue to learn about Google Ads Advertising.

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