Hi there. Thanks for joining me. My name is Mike, and in this video I’ll be talking about search advertising. And the question is, is search advertising right for your business? Now, a lot of businesses are running search ads and promoting their products, services and different things, online, and they’re doing it primarily through Google Ads and also other search platforms like Microsoft Ads. Now, Google Ads is by far the leading one with the most traffic, most, you know, campaign types and different tools and so forth. And a lot of businesses using millions of businesses worldwide are using Google search and search tools to reach their audiences. Now, the question is whether it’s right for your business. Now, I’ll talk about a few businesses and then we’ll see. Maybe you should think about setting up Google search campaigns or not. You know, maybe you’re not seeing the results because of the type of business you are in.

Firstly we’ll talk about eCommerce. Now, a lot of eCommerce businesses do run PPC ads, and that’s, that’s an effective way really to reach people that are searching, and it’s really powerful in that sense. Now, eCommerce is great because people are buying online now in record numbers, both on all kinds of devices and, mobile and smartphones and desktop and tablets and so forth, and, you know, you can reach them and you can reach them with search through search campaigns and also shopping campaigns. So eCommerce really is great and you should really think about doing it Now, you also have service businesses. So whether you’re an accountant, a lawyer, you know, you are a local emergency, whatever service you offer, search is effective and is good in that sense. And it works well even for emergency services. So your text ads can come up in the, in the results.

Now, the good thing for about services is there’s a lot of competition for sure, but the good thing is that, you know, you targeting people who are actively searching and sometimes the search types are not really as wide as you get with eCommerce sites, so you can really narrow down to specific ones and you don’t have to target broad match and so forth. So specific searches an accountant in a specific location, accountant Birmingham for example, is a very specific search and those are the ones you should go for. They are competitive sometimes, but the conversion rates tend to be good once you’ve got those people on your website coming through. Now, there are some industries which are harder to target and search, and they tend to be new ones and they tend to be in the B to B sectors. I work with a lot of, technology companies. I work with businesses in the  Internet of Things, and yes, there are some challenges there regarding keywords and sometimes, you know, it also depends on what you are actually promoting. Now, for example, promoting a download, uh, a white paper download is one effective way to reach audiences that way, but you may need to use broad match searches to try and, you know, target those audiences that are important for you. But for many of these industries,  with very low search volumes, it’s sometimes okay to run display ads or even video advertising, just to raise awareness because search is a challenge in that sense.

So you, you may need to look at these other options, but overall, most businesses do well with search advertising. Over 95%, maybe almost 99% of businesses should be running search ads because people are searching in all kinds of ways, including b2b. But yes, there are times when you need to include other campaign types or if it’s something totally new with no searches at all, then no you shouldn’t be advertising. So maybe you should run some video on YouTube just to raise awareness or some display ads in the display network. So I hope that has been helpful. Reach out to me if you’ve got any questions about your industry and if you’ve got any comments, just leave them in the description down there and subscribe. And I look forward to you joining me on the next video.

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