Hi there. In this video I want to talk about some of the mistakes to avoid in Google Ads recommendations. I’ve created other videos about the recommendations page. It’s an important page, good for your management and a lot of automation. So it’s really great for some of those things. But there are some mistakes you should avoid, with recommendations. And one of the first ones is, just applying all recommendations without checking them. I had a client once who had recommendations for hundreds of keywords and he thought because he was coming from the Google ad system, he believed that it was all correct and he applied them. And within a few days, he had spent all his budget, he answer a high budget and quickly all of it was used up because a lot of them were broad match and they drove a lot of searches that were not relevant.

So he did not actually take time to look at them and he just applied them. So that’s not a good thing. Don’t just apply recommendations. If you look in here, it says apply all. And some people make the mistake of thinking, Oh, this looks good. Use display expansion apply, or without looking or remove conflicting negative keywords that will really have a major impact. Or just adding ads. Like here it says add responsive search ads, and then you just click apply. Or, many times these recommendations, based on what, in fact all the time, it’s based on what the system thinks is gonna help to improve your campaigns. And, and that’s not accurate. Remember, this is a machine, it’s a system that’s scan and, and, and thought it would help,  but in most cases not. And what if you click on one of them, for example, and you click view, for example, this responsive search ad and it’s saying updated and you look, sometimes it will add some text, which is not really great.

So you probably need to change that and just go through each of them. Yes, it will take you some time and obviously have to go through each of them individually, but it will really save you a lot of, budget waste. It will save you campaigns from performing poorly. So it’s important that you check each of them and make sure they’re relevant for you. And another mistake that people do is they totally ignore recommendations in fact, they just manage their campaigns and, you know, you can leverage the machine learning system by applying or dismissing things in here. So it’s important to regularly check maybe once a week, once a month if you’re not getting if you a campaigns are quite low just to check what’s going on and dismiss or apply any. And that just increases your optimization score and trains the system to send you better recommendations.

And sometimes people, they are people who also make this mistake. They look at something and they think, Oh, okay, it’s telling me be more efficiently with maximize conversions. I don’t like that. I don’t think it’s relevant. So they just ignore it. What you should do if you don’t think it’s relevant, just go in there and say dismiss it, dismiss all whatever, and then give a reason. Like, maybe I want control over bits or whatever is relevant for you. Or if none of these make sense, then include other end reason. What that does is it trains the system to send you better recommendations. So it’s not gonna send you the same one again, especially if you’ve just dismissed, it may bring it back again if it is updated it’s algorithm and seen that it may help you with that.

So that’s a mistake people make. They just think, Oh, that’s not relevant and they just ignore it and they don’t dismiss it. You should also dismiss as you are applying those that are relevant. And another mistake that is common is people allow the auto to apply to be on and you need to be careful, with that, say save time with auto to apply. But you know, many times when that happens, those recommendations are going are not gonna be relevant and it’s gonna affect your campaigns. I’ve seen this over and over again where clients are pulling their hair out and they’re not understanding why their campaigns keep under performing. It’s because the recommendations are all to applied and the system is just applying things that are not relevant. It may save you time, but it will really affect your campaign. So if you go into some of these, you can see like here for example, it says you can auto apply, add new queues, create dynamics, such as definitely don’t do that. Mine are deselected at the moment and I wouldn’t allow that. Now if you want to do it, obviously you can just click add new keyword as one of those that you wanna auto apply and then save. But I really believe you should check these carefully because any great work you’ve done in the past could just be wiped out by allowing this and your performance will drop. So that’s another one to look out for him to be careful for. So those are some of the things to just be aware of regarding recommendations. It’s a good page, many good features, but one that you need to really manage well.

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