Okay, so in this video, I’m going to be talking about enhanced CPC building or enhanced cost per click. Now that’s,  automated bid strategy, but generally tied to manual CPC building. So as you can see, I’ve got a manual CPC bid strategy there, and if I want, I can select and use enhance CPC and use that bid strategy that’s tied to manual CPC. Now the aim with enhanced CPC is that it’s automated. So it’s unlike manual CPC on its own, where with manual CPC, you just set a maximum, cost per click for each of your keywords or ad groups and so forth. With this one, you will have your, your, your manual cpc or bid on, on your keywords, but then it’s gonna bid higher for searches that it, things are relevant. That will bring in conversions and it’ll bit lower for those that are unlikely to bring, the best results. And you can just read more if you click here, for example, the question, it says, Enhance CPC can help you get more conversions for manual bidding. So it automates a lot of that, and you can optimize for conversions or for conversion value, which is revenue. So on based on, on whichever is most important for you. So you can test out, enhance CPC and see how we works it on. It’s an automated base strategy and many advertisers see it very effective and they see great results from it.

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