How to Create A Negative Keyword List

Now when you are running Google Ads campaigns one of the things that’s gonna happen over months and years, if it hasn’t already, is you’re gonna have many campaigns and your account is gonna grow. And hopefully all the campaigns you perform well is, you […]

What Is Insights In Google Ads

Now I want to talk about another feature page that a lot of us ignore in Google ads. And this one has come up, you know, recently Google added it and it’s one that I look at once in a while, but not as frequently […]

Mistakes To Avoid In Google Ads Recommendations

Hi there. In this video I want to talk about some of the mistakes to avoid in Google Ads recommendations. I’ve created other videos about the recommendations page. It’s an important page, good for your management and a lot of automation. So it’s really great for […]

What Is Google Ads Recommendations

Hey guys in this video I want to talk briefly about the recommendations tab. If you’ve got a Google Ads account and you’ve been running ads, I’m sure you’ve come across this tab, or page or whatever you call it. It’s a very important, feature and one […]

How To Set Your Google Ads Budget

Now, budget setting is one of the things that a lot of people struggle with in google ads. A lot of people struggle with how much should they spend in their campaigns you know the first week  maybe the first day, the first month and […]