Hey guys in this video I want to talk briefly about the recommendations tab. If you’ve got a Google Ads account and you’ve been running ads, I’m sure you’ve come across this tab, or page or whatever you call it. It’s a very important, feature and one that I, I do spend time in there and I do update things. Now on the overview page, I can see my recommendations there. This is my account and I can see, the optimization score and then it gives me recommendations to improve that. But if we want more details, we go into recommendations and that should come up in a second. There you go. So there’s our account optimization score. This is just, according to Google if you go over there just says it’s an estimate of how your account is set to perform. Having a higher optimization score generally is a good thing because it shows you are regularly updating recommendations and even applying some that are relevant and dismissing any that are not. So that’s something you should do. Now, the recommendations, according to Google, there are over 50 different types of recommendations and you will see these coming up. The idea is to help you, sort of manage your account based on insights from the machine learning system in Google Ads. And you will see these come up from up there and you will have the different types. So some of beating a budgets, keyword and targeting and various ones, and you just scroll down and you can see the different recommendations in there. Now the most important ones according to the system generally are gonna be at the top, the ones that will give you the most impact.

So you will see this based on the percentage there. So if I was to apply all this, I would increase my optimization score by 1.8% and 1.4%, 1.1, just sort of descending until you get to about 0.7 and so forth. So some of these will be relevant, some won’t. Now you can dig into them and then see what they’re actually saying. For example, if I was to go into this one, improve your responsive search ads, I could click then see the recommendations and it says, improve headlines and descriptions and that they can view that. And if I like it, I can, the recommendation is here to say, included Edwards Freelancer UK,

I can change it if I want and I could say Google Ads freelancer UK and then I just click apply and then I just go on and on like that. So you can see updates going up to 90.8% just by increasing including that one headline. And any that are not relevant, you can dismiss like this one, remove non serving keywords. It’ll increase by 0.6%. Google Answer specialist. I will probably just dismiss that because I don’t want to exclude it. And I’ll say, I don’t think this will improve my performance or anything that’s important there. Now the reason why you want to do that is because when you’re doing this and putting reasons why you’re dismissing or updating stuff, you are also training the system to send you more relevant, uh, recommendations for later. So this is an exercise you should do, try and get your optimization score up to 100% and you will see things improve. I’m gonna do more videos about recommendations and optimization score so we can really go into depth into this and help you improve your campaigns.

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