Hi, my name is Mike. And in this video, I’m going to be talking about Google Display Remarketing. What is it? Now, remarketing is a way to sort of retarget people that have been on your website to bring them back so that they can do whatever you want them to do, buy your products, contact you about your services, download something, sign up for a free trial, whatever action you want them to take. It’s a way to just bring people back and to complete those actions. The reality is most people that come to your website are going to leave and they’re not going to come back. And that’s a fact. Now, it’s not that they’re not interested. Maybe they’re distracted with something, they’ve decided to look at a competitor’s website, and all these factors, and it’s not that they’re not interested. And you see it. I mean, with your conversion rate, your bounce rate, some of those people, it may appear high, but they go out and they do other things and they forget about your business.

Now, imagine with remarketing, you can always be front and center with those people. You can always show them your ads and just remind them of whatever they were doing on your website, what they initially came for, and just continue to retarget them that way. I mean, in Google, we call it remarketing or retargeting, almost similar concept. Now, there’s different types of remarketing, but display remarketing is one way we are using image ads. We are using responsive display ads. So the idea with that is, as people come on your site and as they leave, you can sort of retarget them as they browse other websites. So, not necessarily competitor website, but sites which are part of the Google network that have partnered with Google to show image and banner ads and text ads and so on.

So, as people are viewing all these other sites, your ads come up and they say, “Oh, I remember that product. Oh, I remember that service. Let me go back and check it out.” And what you’re going to find is that a lot of those people are going to click on those ads, on your ads, come back there, you’ve reminded them and they’re going to complete whatever actions you want them to take. So remarketing really is a powerful way to give people to come back, especially if you don’t have the email addresses to contact them or their phone numbers and everything else. This is really one great way to just bring them back. Now, what you would do is you would set up audiences, like in Google analytics, and then in your Google Ads account, that’s where you set up your display remarketing campaign, and just retarget those people. And then, hopefully they’ll come back and complete whatever actions that you want them to do.

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