Now I want to talk about another feature page that a lot of us ignore in Google ads. And this one has come up, you know, recently Google added it and it’s one that I look at once in a while, but not as frequently as other areas in my Google Ads account. So this is my account, and if we go to insights, that’s the page I want us to look at. So what is this, all about? These are insights basically related to your campaign, your search terms, your keywords, and sometimes is relevant. So the question is what do you do with it based on what you find here? And in many ways it has similarities with recommendations. In other videos I talk about recommendations and what they are, but here it is just telling you, you know, it, it is almost like a week over week view of how your campaigns are performing and areas you can focus on.

So for example, in mind it’s telling me, you know, over the last seven days conversions have been down 50%. And yes, I’ve noticed that it’s a beautiful quiet period now and quite expected and my cost has gone up by 15.18% and cost per acquisition is about 300 pounds. But it varies for the different, campaigns that I have. Remember, I’m looking at this for all campaigns and then it just gives me the insights. This is some of the important parts. Your course decrease across one campaign. You can look into that. Your search term insights, searches for Google ads, is ads specialists increased in your conversions on those search terms increased. I like to see that one because that’s a very important search term for me. And if I click that, it just takes me right down there and shows me how performing on some of my key search terms and keywords and so forth and the search volume on average for them, you know, and the one campaign in the ad groups that relate to that.

So I can see that. Then I can also see search trend. Search engine optimization is trending compared to last year. Now that’s not really important for me because I’m not an SEO person, but it maybe just gives me insight if I click on that. And then I can see year over year the search volume is up 24%, a hundred thousand to 1 million. That’s a lot, lots of people looking for that. Freelance and contract jobs. You know, if I think I like some of these searches, all I do is I can go into my campaign, set up a new ad group for that or set up a new campaign. And that’s, that’s really

The key thing about insights and a bit different from recommendations, um, which you can see there. I mean you can see the recommendations here, but this is just a basic view and just read what it’s about. This, as well, it’s, giving you those opportunities that you can plug into your campaigns if you really like what you are seeing and then improve on that. Then you can also look at campaigns with performance insights. So for example, my PPC University International is eligible to show at 74% of the time, plus 74 from the last week and so on and cost is 64 pounds, 73. And I can look at that and think, you know, do I wanna increase, you know, my budgets, what do I want to do with that? Do I wanna reduce it based on conversions? And then, apply or just dismiss anything like that.

And these are the search terms which I mentioned, for many advertisers, unfortunately, insights are not there. If you are not regularly advertising or you spend a low amount, you may not see insights in here, you may need to give it some time or if you’ve just recently set up campaigns, you may not see anything but just give it some time because this is the algorithm picking up. But if you’ve been advertising for a long time and spending a considerable amount each month, yes, you will start to get insights and plug some of these in your account and actually just see an overview of how your campaigns are working. So that’s the insights page. Take some time looking at it and optimize your campaigns based on that.

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