Hi there. In this video, I want to talk about maximize clicks one of the beating strategies in Google Ads, and I get a lot of questions from clients and students about maximize clicks, what it is really. And, so if we wanna see our, clicks and our bid strategies, what we do is we go into our campaign and I,’m in my account and our go to settings, this is where we get to see, the bid strategies that we are using and also change to anything that we want. So, it’s in campaign settings that will do that. Let me just refresh that page and there we go. Just taking a bit longer. There we go. So in this campaign I’m using manual CPC and I can always change that and I can change it to maximize clicks if I wanted, which is one of the bid strategies in Google ads.

Now, one of the first things you notice when you are looking at bid strategies is these two main types of bid strategies. So you got automated bid strategies and manual, and manual only has one manual CPC. And as you saw earlier, this campaign is actually using manual CPC but, you also have other options. And in each of these you also have different options depending on the campaign types that you’re setting up. So we are looking at maximize clicks, which is an automated bid strategy. So what does that mean? That means basically many of the big decisions are made by the Google ad system based on machine learning, based on, the systems, look into your campaigns and historic data to set the bids automatically for you. So that’s what maximize clicks is basically it’s, an automated B strategy and the system sets the bids and, um, to try and, get you the right positions.

And the main aim of the this bid strategy is to get you as many clicks as possible for your budget. So if I click on that, you’ll see the options here. And, and the reason why it’s showing these options is because this campaign has been running for a while, but if you are just starting out, you may not be able to see these, recommendations and so forth. So maximize clicks, tries to get you as many, clicks as possible for your budget. And it’s one that I tend to use a lot and I find effective in many cases. I’ll do another video about when to use it and so forth. So basically it here and you can set and maximize cost per click big limit if you don’t wanna, spend over a certain amount. And that’s fine. So you could say, well, two pounds or whatever your currency, and then set it like that and then save it. And so that’s what maximize clicks is it’s, you know, tries to get you as many clicks as possible for your budget. It’s a good bid strategy. One you should check out and test out as well. You know, you can test it in experiments, You can run campaigns with maximize clicks and others without, and then see how they perform for you.

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