Hi there my name is Mike and in this video I just want to share with you the asset library feature in Google Ads. If you’re running campaigns, especially display campaigns, you may actually want to know what this feature does, how you can use it, and how it can help your business. Basically, it’s a feature, relatively new asset library and one that I use a lot and many others use. Well great when you are setting up a lot of campaigns. So to access it we need to click on tools and settings, and then under shared library we go to asset library. In there we are able to see all the assets that we’ve uploaded, so it’s a library in the cloud and you can see all the images you uploaded to your account and you can upload new ones. Now the thing about asset library is you can upload them here if you want, or generally what tends to happen is as we are actually setting up a responsive display ad, for example, it then save them for you in the asset library and then you can use them later for other things.

But in here as well, you can upload your assets and you know, can upload a file and if it’s a banner or an image ad or something like that, or just an image and so forth, you can upload it here and you know, can upload it in Google Drive as well and have access to it. As you are setting up your ads, you can also upload videos and that’s a great way, especially if you’re running display ads and advertising and promoting your business that way. And you can create a video right in here. Google Ads is really coming up with a lot of nice features, especially for those on lower budgets. You can use some of the templates here. So with time we’ll go through this, but in this video I just wanted to share with you the asset library, important feature. And it’s great when you now want to create your ads and have quick access to them and set up your ads quickly so you don’t have to keep uploading, uploading each time you have them right here. And it’s really a great feature to using Google Ads.

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