Okay, so today I wanna show you a feature that, we don’t, a lot of people don’t use or, or are aware of, and they set up campaigns, set up ads, but not aware that, they can use this feature effectively. So that’s the asset library feature. So if we go to tools and settings and on the shared library you will see asset library, I for a long time. I also ignore this. I mean, I would set up display ads, set up, responsive display ads and upload assets and, you know, just continue, like that, but not realizing that you can actually, or you can have your images here, your assets and your videos and so on, and, you know, use them easily, even change them up and have quick access to them. And  it’s a tool as well that you can use to, for future campaigns, store your assets in here and upload them or change them in any way you want.

So you can see here I’ve got some videos, images, and, I can open them, I can remove any that I don’t like and so forth. And it’s really a great feature. And if I wanted, if you’ve got many, I guess you can add filters and then search and so forth so that you can see them easily and stuff. So you can add new assets, you know, a folder or a upload from a file from Google Drive and so on, from your PC and include your assets in there. And,  even your videos as well. Create a video, add voiceover. And, the, the reason why I, I like this is because many times when people are setting up display ads, responsive display ads, they, they only think about the images and videos at that point when they’re creating it. And then they create things that are not as effective.

And sometimes they don’t even put enough images because  you can put lots of images and allow the system to rotate them. So it’s a good idea to have them in here and just store them in one place and then just get quick access to them and put as many videos and display as possible. That’s really key because having as many as possible helps the system to see which ones are really effective. And I also like the video feature where you can create a video. You know, if you don’t have something there, there’s options in here template that you can use proven to be effective. Some of them with, many advertisers. So Google provides, and you can use them how you want and change them up as as you like, You know, you can, like, I’ve clicked on this one, put a name, brand colors. You can change that. Put your logo in there, update and image, put some text, and you have a great, video to go with it. So this one is great as well and something I really like about this, and even add voiceover if you want, your own voice or a professional and stuff. So the asset library, feature is key and I really recommend it, for your advertising. This is where I store some of my images and I have quick access to them.

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