Hi. Thanks for joining me. And in this video, I’m going to be answering a question that some people have. And they ask about clickthrough rates. So the question is, “What’s a good clickthrough rate for a new campaign?” Now clickthrough rate is obviously a metric that measures how many people who have seen the ad have actually clicked through to it. So if 100 people have seen it and three people clicked, that’s a 3% clickthrough rate. So generally a higher clickthrough rate is a good indication. It’s a good sign that the ads are relevant and people are targeted. The searches are good and they’re clicking through and they’re hoping to find whatever you’ve promised in the ad. So what clickthrough rate you have for a new campaign? Usually when you’re starting, you’re going to find that your clickthrough rates are going to be a bit lower because you don’t really have an extensive negative queue at least.

So it obviously depends on the industry. Some industries, 5% average, some 3%, 1%. But you can expect it around that number. More competitive industries, maybe less and so forth. I’m talking about search campaigns here, which is the primary one.

So clickthrough rate really depends on those factors. And it depends obviously on how well the campaigns are set up and so forth. But try to aim for about 5%. That’s what I would say is a good start. And then you can increase it as time goes. If you can get it to 10%, that’s very good. That’s like one in every 10 people clicking through to the site and looking at your landing pages and whatever products or services you’re promoting. So really it depends. But I would say aim for 5% when you’re starting. If it’s slightly less, that’s fine. You can work to improve it.

Also building higher helps. Changing your bid strategy based on recommendations helps to increase that and improve the performance. And you just see your clickthrough rate improve. And as you add negative keywords to block searches that are not relevant, you will see that increase and you will just get better and better. Obviously, it’s only one metric. You’ve got conversion metrics. You’ve got other metrics to look at. So don’t be fixated on clickthrough rate at the expense of conversions because conversions are usually far much more important, sales, leads and so forth. As long as you’ve got a great one and your conversion rates are good, just continue improving it and working on it to get to that 10% and even higher.

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