So now I want to talk about the best times to use, the maximize clicks bidding strategy. Now, as I’ve mentioned in other videos, maximize clicks is an automated bid strategy. Now in this campaign in my account, I’m using manual CPC, but when we go in there, we can easily change our bid strategy to maximize clicks. Now, there are obviously great times to use maximize clicks and times when you should probably avoid using it. What I tend to find is that the best time to use it is when you are just starting and launching a campaign. So if your campaign is new and you are not sure what business set, yes, you’ve done some keyword research, you’ve got an idea what average cost per click is for some of your keywords and in your locations. But if you want to allow the system to run your ads and then set the bids and see what you get, then maximize clicks is best because it’s gonna, work to try and get you as many clicks as possible for your budget.

But you can also set a maximum cost per click bid limit just so it doesn’t go above the certain amount. So maximize clicks is usually a good beat strategy. When you are launching new campaigns, quite often. Some people just, ignore it totally and they use manual CPC. Manual CPC will give you more control over your bid, but you are not gonna be beating effectively, and efficiently. And some people start with maximize conversions. Now,  it’s often hard to, the system doesn’t have much data to go on. If you’re gonna use a conversion focus B strategy, I would recommend you use that after you’ve,  run your ads for some time you’ve seen your clicks and you probably have a target cost by acquisition that you wanna set, that’s when you should switch to, a conversion focused B strategy or even a revenue focused one, like return and ad spend or something like that. But maximize clicks is a good one to start with, and you can test it later. You know, you can test it on different campaigns, run experiments and see how it performs for you.

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